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SF Bridesmaid Trip { A Few Pics }

If you haven’t already hear me talk about about my friends crazy awesome photo skills, here I go again.

The trip to try on dresses, drink, eat, & be girly in SF was a total success. A truly wonderful time. My bridal party is seriously THE BEST. While I can’t show all of the pictures snapped here are a few taken by Ali. They make me happy. Check out Ali’s Blog {here}



Also if you want to see a post about the trip check out Amanda’s blog {here}

My Plans This Weekend. . .

Starting at approximately 5:30 tomorrow morning I begin the most exciting girls trip EVER. I am lucky to have five really stellar ladies in my life who have agreed to be by my side through the next year before our wedding. So I created an itinerary for this weekends trip.

First a bit about us. . .



And the trip details. . .

As you can imagine I am beyond excited and extremely grateful! Can’t wait to share the rest!


Happy Weekend Loves!

Thoughts of the day

Currently planning a road trip to SF to DRESS SHOP! All of my bridal party is local except for one. My college BFF. So she doesn’t miss anything we are all packing up the volvo and heading to the bay!! Gosh I am lucky : )