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Bachelorette Part II ~ The Goodies

I felt so lucky to have all of these wonderful women with me for my bachelorette so I wanted to do just a little something for them. So I started planning the bachelorette goodie bags. Oh dear, did I have a blast picking out all of the little gifts.

It all began with the awesomely colorful options at BAGGU. I knew it would be middle of summer so the girls might appreciate a festive summer bag. I went ahead with some of the essentials which included: a variety of Essie colors, Revlon nail files, hand sanitizer, sofia coppola champagne cans, mimosa lollies by The Groovy Baker, elastic hair ties, nail polish remover pads, a thank you card, some home made tattoos, EOS lip balms, and handmade crepe paper flowers.

They were a hit to say the least. I think the best part was the set up because each girl got to pick out the items they wanted in their bags. And I tried to pick out the colors and items that each girl would not only like, but really get to use. And use we did!


p.s. Essie’s California Coral & Fifth Ave were a total hit! xo

Bachelorette Part I ~ The Cocktail

For my Bachelorette I wanted to something fun and a little different. I knew we would be wine tasting so I wanted to mix it up with a Whiskey Cocktail (lady friendly version). For the recipe I knew I could go to the wonderful Michael Rooney of Liquid Culture for some ideas. Via text he provided me with about 5 solid cocktail recipes. Each sounding better than the last. But the one I could not resist was the Louisville Lemonade. Oh man was he spot on. This was the perfect evening cocktail to enjoy while playing bachelorette games. I threw together this. . .

and here are a couple of pictures of us taking full advantage of the deliciousness that is Michael Patrick Rooney’s Louisville Lemonade

Photos By Ali Winston Photography

Michael really nailed it. I absolutely loved the drink. It was just one piece of the great weekend that was my bachelorette! Thanks Michael for the recipe and Ali for the pictures.

The decorations provided by my Etsy Shop ~ Alder Designs

Beverages can all be found at BevMo

Floral Garland by The Ink Nest

And don’t forget to check out all the great drinks Michael is writing about at The Liquid Culture Project

Vendor Love {Ivory Sparrow}


A couple months ago I was contacted by Elizabeth from Ivory Sparrow. Although we didn’t know each other well, we attended high school together years ago. She mentioned that she had found Could Be Interesting and through reading saw that I am getting married. She generously offered to send me a personalized wrap and pair of sandals from her new company. After checking out their website and was happy to accept.

Ivory Sparrow is a collection of bridal and bridesmaid wraps, robes, sandals, and totes. With an several options in each these items are perfect for anyone getting married. Made with the most luxurious fabrics these wraps truly are as wonderful as they look. Hop on over to see all the the beautiful products the offer, Ivory Sparrow.

They recently put together a beautiful garden party with all of their goodies on display. I just had to share









All images courtesy of  Kimberly Hernandez Photography.


I just love that last picture! So sweet. So make sure to check out the beautiful products created by Elizabeth and Cyndi at Ivory Sparrow. Also stay tuned for a complete review of my personalized bridal wrap and sandals.

Thank you to the ladies over at Ivory Sparrow for you kindness and generosity! So happy to have wonderful vendor like you!

This Weekend Briefly

It’s been a while and I am sorry about that. But as the school year and wedding approach I am finding myself with less time to write on the blog. I am going to work on it but I make no promises.

We began the weekend with the boys spending the afternoon at the pool while I prepped for our evening supper club. I made smoky scalloped potatoes and a blue cheese bacon dip. Both were absolutely wonderful and I will be sharing more on this later. Saturday was spent school shopping followed by an afternoon at the beach. We got Thomas his first wet suit and he was, understandably, extremely excited to try it out. You know that feeling when you purchase some new outfits or a new gadget and you can’t get home soon enough to try them out? Well that was Thomas and despite the 80 degree weather he threw that thing on and we hiked down to the beach. 

During this time we also got the majority of our wedding invites out. It took me the better half of the week to get everything together, but they are out and I am very thrilled about it! Shout out to Olive Manna for having the perfect peach twine that added a little extra to the invites.

To end the day on Saturday I was inspired to make a simple dinner completely handmade. Which we accomplished as a family, which made it such a treat. The menu? Homemade pasta with homemade pesto. It was quite an adventure. We all took turns rolling out the dough and mixing it. In the end I completely understand the use of something like this but I enjoyed doing it all by hand, successfully.

After a couple of fun packed days I was looking forward to a relaxing Sunday, which entailed getting the rest of the wedding invites out, helping with some bridal shower planning, prepping for kindergarten, and purchasing honeymoon tickets! Yipee!


All Photos by @EmilyAlder (Instagram)