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Before We Go – Holiday Gift Guide

Tune in next week! I will be doing a daily gift guide. You won’t want to miss it. I promise to make it worth your while.


In the meantime…

It’s been great to be back. I hope you enjoyed this weeks content as much as I did. And stay tuned starting Monday for my Holiday Gift Guide.


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Featured – LadyLUX

DIY Delivered

Featured – LadyLux Top 5 Pinners

LadyLux has been kind enough to write a bit about this blog before and last week they named us as one of their top 5 favorite pinners! AH! What a compliment. If you haven’t had a chance to check out my boards you can find them here and you should definitely check out all the goodies LadyLux has on their boards. The team over at LadyLux is continues to impress me and I love following them on all their social media outlets, especially their Instagram @msladylux.

And to be named amongst some seriously great pinners, it is quite the honor.

photo via LadyLux


Some stuff happened recently. Good stuff. In fact that stuff was so good I have been completely oblivious to the blog. I have missed it and thought of it many times, but have not had the time or thought capacity to get back to it. So I have decided on baby steps.

Where to begin? Well we FINALLY did it. Tied the knot I mean. Which was amazing. Everything was perfect. But the whole wedding saga will come in time. Once we receive all the photos I look forward to sharing all the details with you.

But for now I want to share a sneak peek of our invites. I have been dying to put them up here and rave about the amazing time I had working on them and designing them with the help of Joy Laforme of Sage and Berries. She did such a terrific job creating the floral set. Really she created my dream.

With just a few emails back and forth Joy created a beautiful set of florals and I had the start to my invite suite. It was such a special experience being able to create the invites myself and work with Matt. It added to the excitement and overall idea of the wedding. it also really helped me fine tune the decorations I was creating.

Which leads me to my new logo. I knew once I started working on the flowers that I planned to incorporate them into Could Be Interesting. So with this logo will come some changes to the site. Hopefully lots of good fun changes!

I really can’t wait to show you the rest. But that will come in time. Be sure to check in and see the changes that will be coming! It’s going to be fun!!

Bachelorette Part I ~ The Cocktail

For my Bachelorette I wanted to something fun and a little different. I knew we would be wine tasting so I wanted to mix it up with a Whiskey Cocktail (lady friendly version). For the recipe I knew I could go to the wonderful Michael Rooney of Liquid Culture for some ideas. Via text he provided me with about 5 solid cocktail recipes. Each sounding better than the last. But the one I could not resist was the Louisville Lemonade. Oh man was he spot on. This was the perfect evening cocktail to enjoy while playing bachelorette games. I threw together this. . .

and here are a couple of pictures of us taking full advantage of the deliciousness that is Michael Patrick Rooney’s Louisville Lemonade

Photos By Ali Winston Photography

Michael really nailed it. I absolutely loved the drink. It was just one piece of the great weekend that was my bachelorette! Thanks Michael for the recipe and Ali for the pictures.

The decorations provided by my Etsy Shop ~ Alder Designs

Beverages can all be found at BevMo

Floral Garland by The Ink Nest

And don’t forget to check out all the great drinks Michael is writing about at The Liquid Culture Project