“You’re pregnant with twins” those are four words I will never forget. That moment was pretty monumental.

Due with Two // Could Be Interesting

For Father’s Day I had given Matt a positive pregnancy test along with some other baby gear. About a month earlier we had decided to stop preventing the possibility of getting pregnant. So I did made an appointment with my OBGYN and told Matt not to take time off for the appointment because I’d done this before and wanted to confirm that I was actually pregnant.

Then those words came out of my doctors mouth, “you’re pregnant with twins”. It was so unexpected. mMy first thought being, “oh gosh, I have to call my husband”. I went through the rest of the appointment going through a range of emotions, excitement, shock, anxiety, joy and love.

Once I got to the car I called my sister, of course. I love my husband, he is my person. But I knew my sister would not only share my excitement, but also help calm my nerves. I mean twins, seriously, what are the odds? So we giggled, cried, repeated ‘OMG’ a few times, and just shared in each others excitement. The other reason I called her was because I had a choice to make. Do I call my husband and break the news over the phone or spend the next 6 hours of the day knowing and tell him in person once he is home. My gut was to call him as soon as I could so we could relish in the craziness and excitement that was joining our lives. Sarah agreed. After a few more ‘wows’ and lots of ‘I Love You’s’ we hung up.

On to the husband, I knew once I got the news out he would be overjoyed, but definitely in a bit of shock. So I started with “Hi Babe, I love you, I’m sorry, but we’re having twins”. Just.Like.That.

After a bit of a pause he came back with “You’re being serious right now? This isn’t a joke?” Gosh I love him. I would totally play that joke on him. But not this time. We talked through it and were so happy. So very happy.

After a few weeks of knowing our family would be growing by two, the daze faded and everything seemed to be just right. It felt like we were right where we were supposed to be and twins had always been the plan.

We are still wrapping our minds around everything, but it all feels just more than perfect.

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